Friday, August 19, 2011

Sovereignty of Success

I'm immersed in my book's pre-production particulars -- picture me floating on my back, contemplating cloud shapes while book-design tidbits float by. I reach out, tentatively at first, and take a tiny taste. Oh yum! Why am I surprised that the Princess of Process would savor every byte? It's true: I smack my lips over fonts, drool around page headers, lick the adverbs out of back-cover text. I am the Duchess of Detail and I am frolicking in my natural habitat. You who know me well are nodding now. Yes, she who alphabetizes her spice rack and reads the small print on cereal boxes would surely relish all tasks that call for fine-toothed comb and magnifying glass.

If and when I'm able to recognize that all is complete, Voluntary Nomads will move from pre-production into production. Then I'll be able to predict a publication date. I will keep you posted, so to speak.


  1. That is so cool, Nancy, and this is so delightfully written. I can't wait to read your book.

  2. You are such a bizarre thinker! I hope Tina inherited some of the bizarreness. Jo

  3. Karen, Waiting is hard! I have help though -- when I feel unbearably impatient, I remember your face when you told me what it felt like to hold your own first book in your hands. Then I realize it will be worth waiting for!

    Jo, We are lucky that this bizarreness tends to multiply from generation to generation! Tina is doubly bizarre and her son Brody, well, he's only five, not completely developed but definitely on his way to exponential bizarrity.

  4. I'm savoring your process.

  5. Glenn, I'm glad you are savoring my process -- it's one of those things that gets tastier when shared. Your book process has begun too, inside your energetic brain, even if you believe you're taking care of visual media before you start to write the stories.