Monday, August 29, 2011


Seems like I'm always wishing for some darn thing or another. Today I'm asking for an extra creamy dollop of creative energy for the designer who is whipping up the book cover for Voluntary Nomads. I want her to incorporate the photo that I took of Fred, Dakota, and Tina in the blue Suzuki on the sand dunes near the beach at Shark's Bay in Somalia. To me, this picture evokes the theme of family adventures lived in extraordinary places and told from my perspective -- like the stories inside the book -- and I really, really hope the designer can use it!


  1. Great photo, Nancy. I'll sent my energy towards your designer. I liked the other portrait you chose for the cover as well.

  2. Thanks, Ruth. The portrait found a home as the introduction to the Somalia section.

  3. It's an awesome photo,Nancy. I hope the designer finds a way to use it as well. I think you're right about what it evokes and depicts.
    Missing you guys

  4. Karen, the fact that you used your own great photo on the cover of "Following the Whispers" inspired me. And then I was lucky enough to find the perfect one in our photo collection.